Free Bonus:
Stool Specifications:

  • Pair of 2 x Stools
  • 45cm off the ground
  • Seat Diameter is 30cm
  • Easy Lifting Handles
  • Colour is Retro Red
  • Steel is Powder coated Light Grey
  • Non Scratch plastic foot tips
  • Cross bar adds extra strength, Doubles as foot rest
  • Stools Fold away for easy storage

There is no additonal charge for this and will complete your new arcade cocktail machine package.

Free Bonus 2:

  • Detailed Graphics
  • Unique Serial Number
  • Dragon feature door, with eletric blue UV light
  • Coin box is secured from movement as it sits inside custom drawer
  • Happ zig zag Ergonomic Buttons that follow the contour of your hand
  • Classic Arcade artwork bezel
  • Upright & Cocktail capabilities